Friday, 9 May 2014

On our way home

So this is us

and these are the wonderful people who have looked after us

We have had a fabulous time!  Thank you Guardians, and thank you Mums and Dads for giving us this fantastic opportunity.

Callum's amazing drumming skills!

Thank you, Mr Santy.  You're our hero!

Prepare to be amazed and impressed.  Callum found his previously undiscovered talent when he was clearing up after last night's supper.
He is drumming on four wooden cutlery drawers that have been pulled open.  Now that is unique!

Nearly time to leave

After lunch our Guardians took us to Em's Lab one last time.

We were told that we are only halfway through our training as Earth Watchers.  We have been given two more boxes to bring back to school.

We have some more work to do before we can open these boxes but, when we have finished, we will find out the true meaning of Em.

 We have loved being here in such a special place. We have seen so much and heard so much and done so much and learned so much, but we think Adam has summed it up the best.  He told us that it hasn't been like lessons.  It's been more like going on holiday with your family.

Just when we thought it was over ...

There was just a little time left for some gardening and making sculptures from some beautiful and interesting pieces of wood.

Suddenly we noticed that groups of children were disappearing towards the magnolia tree.  They were going to meet Mr Fox.  He'd been given a code, but he couldn't work out the answer.  Of course our geniuses came to the rescue - 274.

We were told to go into the woods to find the Lady Who Talks To The Trees.  She had two more boxes with an 'E' on top.

We used the numbers 274 to open the locks

and found 

On one side the stone said "The second secret meaning of Em is ...", and on the other side it said "My Experience".  Because we have had such wonderful experiences this week enjoying the world around us, the Lady Who Talks To The Trees gave us each a present so that we could continue to appreciate our environment - a magnifying glass.

Our last morning

What a late start!  SOME people had to be woken up this morning and I expect will be very early to bed tonight!  Anyway it's not over yet and we had a treasure hunt to complete after breakfast.  We had a map and a symbol and off we went hunting.

We were looking for a special box with a 'K' on it.  'K' stands for the knowledge we now have about how we can help Em to save the planet.

We used our special keys to unlock the padlocks and found ...

rocks and water that have been around for millions of years, the very rocks that the dinosaurs walked on and the water they drank!  Unfortunately we are damaging our environment by the things we do and the products we use.

So we each made a promise about something we could do to help to save the planet:

Our Guardians talked to us about some of the things we can do and part of our job as Earth Watchers will be to encourage our family, friends and neighbours to do the same.  We've got lots of ideas so that we can make our contribution to protect the planet for future generations of Earth Watchers to enjoy, just as we have done this week.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

The Quite Unique 'Ringsfield's Got Talent' Show

There are not many of these for which I can write captions because they had to be seen to be believed (and we're still not sure what some of them were!!).

and the winner is ...

Callum's Cutlery Drawer Drumming!!!
(but you'll have to wait for the video until we get back.  Watch this space!)

The things we do for fun

and don't worry, hiding baby guinea pigs in our luggage is not one of them, but we will check the children's bags before we leave tomorrow!